Advantages of disposable surgical kits

Advantages Of Disposable Surgical Kits

1. It is safe, convenient and economical. The disposable non-woven surgical kit is made of high-quality medical grade non-woven fabric, and the overall cost is low.

2. It has the function of double protection, which not only protects patients from infection, but also ensures that medical staff will not reverse infection, which is very safe.

3. The non-woven surgical kit is soft and breathable, which can make the patient feel comfortable during use, and can also prevent liquid penetration, which can effectively improve the comfort of the patient and reduce the postoperative infection rate.

4. The environmentally friendly materials used in non-woven surgical kits are easy to handle in post-processing.


1. Concentration: This product combines various materials and tools such as surgical drapes, wraps, paper towels, surgical gowns and gauze, plates, bowls, cups, etc., which are needed in a series of operations, into one package, reducing the number of operations in medical institutions. Preparation time of materials and time to collect various materials.

2. Disposable: This product is a one-time-use product, and it cannot be reused after being disassembled. It can absorb all waste materials during the operation of the patient at one time, effectively preventing cross-infection.

3. Convenience: simple operation, single-layer use of perforated towels, easy to spread, the product has been sterilized by ethylene oxide before leaving the factory, and can be used directly by medical institutions without the need to use various sterilization equipment for repeated sterilization And sterilization improves the work efficiency of medical institutions.

4. Safety: The visual field is refreshing, and the blood and other liquids that appear after the operation are quickly absorbed, so that the operator has a clear visual field, which is convenient for the operation and improves the safety during the operation.


1. The products should be stacked in the order of the surgeon

2. Waste products after use should be treated collectively

3. The product should be stored in a ventilated and dry place to avoid contact with corrosive materials such as acid and alkali

4. The product is valid for 3 years from the production date

Post time: Jun-08-2021